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Come enjoy the fun of riding through the back country of the Cascades!

ATV Tours

Welcome to MotorToys! We are glad you are here to check us out. Look around the page for a few seconds and it is pretty easy to figure out what we are all about! BUT to be clear, we are all about ATV adventure tours and ATV rentals!

Here at MotorToys, we LOVE ATV’s!

Back in 2004 when we started this ride, ATV’s were our first passion. Since then we’ve jump onto a few other sporting machines. Look around and you’ll see mentions of those other sports on this page. ATV’s are easy to enjoy and easy to ride. If you haven’t been on an ATV before, we’d love to get you started. All of our Guided Tours come with a safety instructional course from our professional guides prior to the ride. You will feel completely comfortable hopping on our healthy ATV’s and racing up into the hills at your pace!

ATV Rentals

If guided tours aren’t your thing, we have ATV Rentals for you! Create your own adventure on your private property or on public trails. Don’t know of any public trails off hand? No worries, we can assist you with everything from A to Z. What are you waiting for? Lets ride!

Curious About Price?

We strive to be affordable and yet provide an excellent experience and equipment that you will enjoy.
We have the most competitive ATV prices in the area and offer 2 hour Guided ATV Tours and ATV Rentals. Our ATV rentals come in 4 hour, 9 hour or 24 hour increments. Custom Packages upon request! Our machines are in peak condition and are ready for you!

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Let's Ride Together!

Let's Go on an ATV Tour! We are always looking for new riders and challenges. All of our guided tours go at your pace. Let's find a mountain to climb together!

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Where To Ride?

There is never a shortage of places to ride when you start your adventure in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range!
Located in Cle Elum, Washington just on the other side of Snowqualmie Pass from Seattle you will have the vast Cascade Mountain range as your ATV Playgrounds. Whether you want an exhilarating ride or a leisurely ride, there are many trails to fit your riding style!

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